Double Etched Pinhole Lenses.


We are very pleased to offer these new pinhole lenses as an alternative to laser cut lenses. I think these are a more “natural” type of manufactured pinhole as the etching process creates a saucer shaped depression around the pinhole on both sides of the shim so you do not have the tube effect that is made by the laser cutting process. These pinhole lenses are available in five different sizes in a 1cm disc: 0.1mm,0.2mm, 0.3mm, and 0.5mm. Also included is a full instruction leaflet with a focal length/f-number chart and suggestions for alternative types of pinhole cameras.The exposure calculator which is enclosed is a great help for determining the exposure for any type of pinhole camera.

The cost of each is £17.50.00. inc. P & P (if you need advice on which size is best for you, please phone or e-mail and we will be happy to discuss which will be right for your pinhole camera design).