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Photography is changing in many ways but let's try and keep the fun and inspiritational element in it and enjoy and celebrate using our own design of cameras and invent new styles and new techniques.

World Wide Pinhole Photography Day is on Sunday the 28th April this year,and if you wish to see great pinhole photos from around the world go to www.pinholeday.org

Please have a look and explore our website and if you want any advice or information or just a chat about Pinhole Photography please telephone: Tim Norgate on 07810 125768 any evening.


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YouTube have various presentations of making Pinhole Cameras, here are a few links.

http://youtu.be/W9z-gIofWC0 Bulldog Pinhole Camera

http://youtu.be/espROi9g2pg Matchbox Pinhole Camera

http://youtu.be/ZrpPzNcg63s Room Size Pinhole Camera

http://youtu.be/wtZOWEB_wcI Pinhole Camera 6 month Exposure


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